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Kant Instuif
1 april 2023

11 maart 2023
aanvang: 10.30 uur

Algemene Ledenvergadering 
29 april 2023
aanvang: 10.30 uur


LOKK-jubileum 2023
2,3 en 4 november

Alle LOKK-evenementen zijn in De Twee Marken,
Trompplein 5,


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General information
At the end of the fifteenth century, lace is already mentioned in a will.
There are many old paintings that show us the wealth of people by the exuberant use of lace.

Schools where lace making was taught were found in the Netherlands from 1850.
The lace industry reached its pinnacle at that time.
It was thought to be good that many young girls should be educated at these laceschools.
After the turn of the century, this kind of industry virtually disappeared.

Since about 1970, the making of bobbin lace has again become popular,
but now as a hobby and art form, not as an industry.
The first lace-circles were founded in this period. The leaders of these circles gathered together for the first time on November 17,1978; their aim being to promote contact between the various lace-circles and to exchange ideas and experiences. Thus the LOKK was founded.

The aim of the organization
The aim of the LOKK is to encourage interest in lace and the making of lace.

The most important task of the organization is to promote the mutual contact between the lace-circles and to motivate the organization of activities, like regional lace-days, workshops and exhibitions.

Lace newsletter
Our magazine, de Kantbrief, is issued 4 times a year. Besides interesting articles, patterns and book previews, information is given about courses, exhibitions, contests and other events.

Throughout the year there are workshops all over the Netherlands. All these lacemakers can learn more about old techniques or can become acquainted with new ones.

Lace fair
This yearly event, held just before Christmas, gives suppliers from home and abroad the opportunity to show and sell their lace related materials. Collectors can find antique laces and other authentic materials.
There is opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences at the fair.

Annual meeting
This is a good opportunity to come into contact with other lacemakers. In the afternoon there is an exhibition or a lecture of interest to a wide
group of members.